Workshop Participants’ Comments:

  • “The two days were excellent… It rates as one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Susan was fantastic, truly inspirational. Well done to the organizers!”
  • “No improvements necessary. The workshop was excellent in that the presenter was motivating, encouraging and had relevant information to share...”
  • “The workshop was brilliant. It did not run too long and the presenter was the best I have seen. Well done.”
  • “The workshop was awesome with modeling being practiced by the leader, as she was sharing and discussing, which made a tremendous impact as to how we need to maneuver with our students in our own classrooms.”
  • “Keep supplying us with presenters as engaging, passionate, expert and effective as Susan. The bar has been set high!”
  • “The presenter, Susan Zimmermann, was fantastic. She delivered the workshop in a meaningful way and at the same time made everyone feel comfortable and as though their input was important.”
  • “Nothing to improve. It was excellent.”
  • “We have spent three wonderful days learning how to use thinking strategies to improve comprehension in reading. As teachers, most of us would say that we are proficient readers…At the same time, we have all known people who were not proficient readers, who would choose to do almost anything rather than read. We would like them to find the same enjoyment that we do in reading. Susan’s 7 keys give us the direction to help make that happen for our students here in Saskatchewan.”
  • “Susan, I wanted to write you to let you know the impact your seminar has had on our teachers at Faith Academy {Philippines}. It is evident that they are much more aware of how they can use the strategies in their classrooms and how to effectively use mentor texts. It has been fun to spend time in classes and see evidence of higher thinking skills being modeled and practiced. Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights and making a difference in the lives of young readers around the world.”
  • "Wow, I finally get it... metacognition can and should be taught. Susan Zimmermann has greatly elevated my understanding of my own thinking. Her engaging presentation and empowering book have left a profound impression on me pedagogically."
  • "Graduate instructors often seem to take peculiar delight in telling their stricken students that they’ve been doing everything all wrong, and that the instructor alone has the magic, and generally impossible, recipe for perfection. Susan never made the class feel that way, and just gently reminded us to slow down and let our students fall in love with reading the same way we did so many years ago, and gave us the strategies to do so."
  • "Susan is a wonderful presenter. She passes her knowledge on to others in a down-to-earth manner. It was easy for me to imagine using her strategies and ideas with students. Participation from the class was high which I think is a tribute to the speaker."
  • "This has been a very thought-provoking workshop. It has addressed many questions I have about the issues...and clarified some improvements I can and need to make in my teaching. I appreciate a workshop that gives me some ideas I can use right away. And, Susan has been entertaining as well as full of wonderful, relevant quotes and information. She has been worth ’giving up’ a Saturday for."
  • "I loved this workshop. Susan taught me so much."
  • "Although I dread weekend workshops, this one was so uplifting! We hear standards, standards, standards so much that we tend to overlook the beauty in everyday reading and writing. I have been allowed to go back into that part of teaching that I love so much - the joy of questions and writing without worrying about structure or any other elements! This day has refreshed me like a brisk hike in the fresh air of the mountains."
  • "Today was a rich experience. What vivid pictures a mind can make - questions raised - all from the spoken word. We as teachers need to give children time to process information, reflect on literature and use all knowledge to relate to writing. Writing, not only reading, is a total expression of one’s confidence and abilities and can allow you to grow as a person."
  • "Today’s and yesterday’s workshops provided a refocusing on the deeper understanding - the deeper structure which supports fluent and comprehending readers."
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