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Mosaic of Thought (second edition)
The Power of Comprehension Strategy Instruction

(Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann)

This tenth anniversary edition of Mosaic of Thought offers up-to-the-minute insight on strategy-based instruction and reminds everyone of precisely what effective, long-lasting comprehension teaching looks like. Each chapter has been carefully revised and is grounded in the latest research, containing more than 70 percent new material, including:

  • Key Ideas sections for each strategy that describe crucial comprehension concepts
  • new classroom examples that show comprehension strategies put into action
  • new opening vignettes that illustrate the concepts students will learn through explorations of the thinking used by proficient adult readers
  • new tools to help teachers create effective reader's workshops
  • innovations from teachers around the country for fine tuning think-alouds and conferring practices
  • new advice on long-term instructional planning
  • an invaluable Question and Answer section with smart, informed responses to the questions most frequently asked about strategy-based instruction.

Reader responses to Mosaic of Thought

  • "I can’t recall ever wanting to read a professional text more than once. I almost couldn’t wait to finish the book so that I could read it again. I find myself using the strategies they discuss in my own reading and of course, in my students’. I plan to use this text as a handbook for reader’s workshop in my class this year."
  • "This book is the missing link that teachers have been looking for! This book fills that gap that has existed between teachers knowing what skills a student needs to comprehend the text and how we as teachers can teach those skills. . . I can’t stop talking about this book."
  • "This book is an absolute must for ALL English/Language Arts teachers, but don’t stop there. ALL teachers need to read this book. It provides the perfect explanation and strategies for teaching comprehension to upper level students. I’ve read it twice and plan to read it again so that I can build each year in the way I use the strategies."
  • "For teachers who are wanting to develop higher-level thinking in their students, this is the book!"
  • "If you are a teacher and can only afford one professional book this year, this is the one! It is an easy read, yet offers one of the best set of guidelines I’ve ever seen for teaching students that greatly needed skill of interacting with text. . . I couldn’t put it down. . . I am a language arts coordinator for a large school district and see many professional books each year. This is the best in a long time."
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