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In her award-winning Grief Dancers, Susan Zimmermann tells the story of life with her daughter Katherine - a child who developed normally until she was a year old and then drifted into the world of the profoundly handicapped.

Susan describes her loss with honesty and directness, but goes beyond that to tell of the odyssey she and her husband undertake to embrace, and eventually celebrate, their altered life with Katherine and their three younger children.

A soul-searching journey through grief, loss, hope, anger, and despair to a place of unconditional love and acceptance, Grief Dancers’ underlying message is that the challenge of grief can be a starting point for the most valuable, powerful life journey that you will ever undertake.

Grief Dancers is out of print. Keeping Katherine: A Mother's Journey toward Acceptance, is the expanded and updated version.

Reader responses to Grief Dancers:

  • "Susan Zimmermann’s deeply moving book about her child Katherine is one that will touch all people, not only parents. Her courage, her joy, and her hope reach through her tragedy, and offer us all a way of life that is creative, no matter what the circumstances." -- Madeleine L’Engle, Newbery Award winning author
  • "Here is a journey into the deepest center of the soul. Susan Zimmermann portrays, with honesty, passion and wisdom, a chapter of her life that is both deeply terrifying and wholly inspiring. It is a story of loss and gain, pain and joy, and - above all - profound truth. It is a story with the power to change your life." -- T.A.Barron, author of Heartlight, The Ancient One, and The Lost Years of Merlin
  • "Susan Zimmermann has written a book about her daughter, but also a book about each of us - the fragile, damaged, but insistently precious part deep inside, that refuses to be cast off. To read these pages is to be reminded of the value of life itself. I have rarely been so moved." -- Swanee Hunt, former U.S. ambassador to Austria
  • "I offered to read Grief Dancers as a gift to Susan. Her story - and Kath’s - turned out to be a profound gift to me. I had expected ’heavy’ reading - difficult and depressing. I found instead a love story. Susan reminds us that it isn’t what happens to us that determines our life, but how we respond to it." -- Marilyn Van Derbur Atler, former Miss America, incest survivor and national leader in the fight against child abuse
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