More about 7 Keys to Comprehension

You want your child to read well and enjoy it, but you’re not sure how you can help achieve this. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Today, millions of children fall short when it comes to reading ability and comprehension. The good news is that there are simple and proven steps - the 7 Keys - that parents and teachers can use to turn the "chore" of reading into a rewarding adventure for any child

Based on cutting-edge research and more than 10 years of application in hundreds of classrooms, 7 Keys to Comprehension demystifies reading and gives practical advice about how you can help any child understand and love reading. This important book reveals why basic things like reading to a child and sharing your thoughts about what you read, create the foundation needed to develop an avid reader. It’s so simple: Talk, read, and share your thoughts with a child, and you’ll have a reader for life.

Reader responses to 7 Keys to Comprehension:
  • "This is the bible for teachers and parents- there can be no book more important to future generations than 7 Keys to Comprehension" -- Clive Cussler, #1 New York Times - bestselling author
  • "In a high-speed world with much contradictory information about reading, here is a parent-friendly book that clears the air." -- Donald H. Graves, professor emeritus, University of New Hampshire
  • "Brilliantly conceived, clearly organized, wisely (and often lyrically) written-this book is destined to be an indispensable classic for parents and teachers." -- T.A. Barron, author, The Ancient One and The Lost Years of Merlin
  • "7 Keys to Comprehension is a must read for all parents who are concerned about their children’s reading. By following the authors' suggestions, your child will learn not only to read with confidence but love reading as well. It is a book that sets a new standard for how parents can help their children succeed in school and in life." -- John Sugiyama, Ed.D. Superintendent, Dublin Unified School District, California
  • "Bravo! 7 Keys to Comprehension is the missing piece we have all needed for too long. This book empowers parents to take an active role in their child’s learning, encourages teachers to validate children’s ideas, and helps children grow to trust themselves. It cultivates a partnership that will help all children succeed. Now, we know how to work together to create a community of readers, learners, and above all else, thinkers!" -- Lesley Niboli Scheele, third grade teacher, Newport, New Hampshire
  • "7 Keys to Comprehension is a ground-breaking, pioneering effort to reveal the ’real secrets’ of literacy learning. It treats educators and parents as equal partners in creating a new generation of readers who are both ardent and competent. In clear, respectful language, it translates these secrets into something everyone can understand using interesting anecdotes, examples, quotes, metaphors, and suggested book lists and activities. Thank you for explaining all the ingredients of good readers with phonics in proper perspective. I will recommend this book to many parents and teachers." -- Ann Fletcher, Reading Coordinator, Maple Valley, Washington
  • "7 Keys to Comprehension is so easy to read and follow. I will buy one for all my friends who have kids who are reading, so they can share the amazement I did while using the 7 keys with my kids. I feel more involved in their learning and watching them ’get it’ is priceless!" -- Michele Strabala, parent, Parker, Colorado
  • This is a marvelous book! As a result of using the 7 keys, our family no longer merely reads the words printed on the page. Books have become a part of us. They help drive our conversations, enhance our memories, expand our thoughts, and build our curiosities. 7 Keys to Comprehension gives practical tips that will redefine mandatory home reading and forge a critical parent/school/child bond." Margaret Torres, parent, Denver, Colorado
  • "7 Keys to Comprehension offers parents authentic, simple conversational activities to help their children understand and enjoy reading. From ’drenching your child with language’' to ’good rectangles and not-so-good rectangles’ to asking questions, to determining importance, parents are given a rich menu for supporting their children's reading." -- Linda Pickenpaugh, Literacy Coordinator/Trainer, Newark, Ohio
  • "As an elementary school administrator, I envision a student body of engaged, excited readers who view reading as exciting as watching a favorite sports team. 7 Keys to Comprehension is the link that will help educators and parents work together to build life-long readers who are actively involved with books and passionate about learning." --Beth Peery, Assistant Principal, Marietta, Georgia